Natalia Foto Published in Boston Home Magazine!!!

If you have not heard of Boston Home Magazine I suggest you run out and get a copy now!!! Also a big reason why is because we just got published in the magazine!  It is my favorite local magazine as it only publishes local high-end designer homes. Even just the quality of the magazine is amazing, the thickness of pages and the color! It is chock full of wonderful photography and great articles with little to no advertisements.  A real great read! You can always find articles online but I find online distracting with all the advertisements popping up. There is something special about curling up with an artsy quality magazine and a cup of tea for inspiration on a Saturday morning! I also am a big advocate for printing photographs.

I teamed up with Cecilia Casagrande Interiors to photograph her kitchen showroom.  These photos may wow you but if you could only step into her kitchen you may just fall over.  I wanted to skip and dance for joy when I first met Cecilia the first time for tea in her gorgeous kitchen.  And let me tell you this kitchen gets a lot of use with her young boys and her amazing cooking skills I had the benefit of enjoying during our shoots!  If you haven’t heard of her yet she is a rising star, she aleady was published once before in Boston Home Magazine in their Summer 2016 issue. Not bad for your first year in business!!

So here it is! Check out our publication below and also online at,