Natalia Cohen

Natalia Cohen is the Owner/Photographer of Natalia Foto an architectural photography service in the greater Boston area. She trained at New England School of Photography specializing in interior photography.

Visual inspiration is what makes Natalia thrive.  She loves the creative relationship that comes from each session with a client. It is her goal to accurately portray the vision and unique style of the interior designer, architect or builder in order to present their work in the best light to their client.

Natalia Foto strongly believes in natural lighting and finds it creates for the best results.  By taking multiple exposures and blending them all together in post production we can create the most beautiful images. Occasionally reflectors and artificial continuous lighting is used but in many cases not needed in our style of photographing.

When Natalia is not working she enjoys spending time with family entertaining and cooking as eating is a must from her Italian background! She lives in South Boston, MA with her Husband Matt and her English Cocker Spaniel, Wallace.  They love getting outside to the parks and beaches for walks, and up to ME in the summer for sailing season! If not enjoying the outdoors or entertaining family she is usually found taking on an artsy home project as her interior space is a self expression of herself. She understands how impactful design can be in ones life to promote comfort, serenity, organization and productivity. 

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